Holiday FAQs & What To Bring


Can I book my accommodation somewhere else or stay with a friend close by?

Unfortunately not, we don’t have many rules but this one that we have to stick to. The reason for this is so that we get the best deal possible from our hotel, and also so that we can organise the rides and activities easily as we are all staying in the same place. If we allow one person to do this, it means we have to allow others and the whole situation gets messy!

Can I bring my bike on the plane?

Yes, but be careful as there are limited spaces on the plane, and bike hire is super easy to do. Please let us know if you are planning to do this.

Can I stay for less nights?

Ideally not, this really makes the booking complicated and we will need to pair you with another who is staying for same duration. If you have a buddy who wants to do the same drop us a message and we will see what we can do.

What is the name of the hotel?

We will disclose this closer to the time, this is so that we can keep all communication between the management and the hotel and don’t over complicate the booking.

Can I stay for longer?

Yes, members often request an extra night’s stay.. Just drop us a message and will discuss the options with you.

What to bring

Cycling kit (2)
Travel Plugs & Charger cable (phone/watch)
Swim wear
Evening wear


Pedals – the bike shop can usually supply these
Cycling shoes – the bike shop can usually supply these at a cost
Helmet – the bike shop can usually supply this at a cost